Class Sign-Ups & Audition Info


Class Sign-Ups & Audition Information 2023-2024

9th, 10th & 11th grade students are now in the process of choosing classes for the 2023-2024 academic year. Important information is below for for new and continuing Band & Orchetsra students...

What's new this coming Fall Semester? Begining Fall 2023, Chamber Orchestra, Wind Ensemble & Jazz Ensemble will all recieve honors credit and concurrent DVC enrollment/credit. These classes will look 99% the same as they currently are with the addition of a "Capstone Project" at the end of the school year. Students will be able to choose their Capstone Project from list of choices. Possibilities inlcude, solo performance, research project, composition or other music related activity with instructor approval.

I am continuing in Band/Orchestra next year, but I don't want to have to audition. What do I do? All CPHS band & orchestra students can continue in music without ever having to audition for anything. Current Concert Band students would sign-up for Symphonic Band and current String Orchestra students would sign-up for Orchestra.

I am continuing in Band/Orchestra and I want to audition! What do I do? All students audition every year for our top ensembles (CO, WE, JE). If you are alrerady in Chamber Orchestra or Wind Ensemble, sign-up for your same class and do the audition. Provided that you prepare well and have a successful audition (again), you will be able to stay in your ensemble. If you are NOT currently in Chamber Orchestra or Wind Ensemble, sign-up for the same class you are currently in, then if you pass the audition, your class will automatically change to Chamber Orchestra or Wind Ensemble as appropriate.

When are auditions? Auditions for Chamber Orchestra & Wind Ensemble will take place April 10-14, 2023. Current CP students will have their auditions during class. New and incoming freshmen (current 8th grade) will have theirs after school. A sign-up genius will be poster here on February 1 for students to choose their day/time.

What about Jazz? Auditions for Jazz Ensemble happen during the first two weeks of the Fall Semester during zero period. Anyone wanting to do jazz next year, should sign-up for "Jazz Band" on their course card. Students that want to be in Jazz Band (entry level) do not need to audition. Students thart want to be in Jazz Ensemble (advanced level) will need to audition. At this time, our plan is to have two jazz bands again next school year (Jazz Band & Jazz Ensemble).

Ok, if I'm going to audition, what are the requirements? Audition Requirements for Chamber Orchestra & Wind Ensemble are as follows:

  1. All 12 major scales + 1 full range chromatic scale. (Scale Sheets will be posted here February 1)

  2. Solo Excerpt. 20 to 30 measures of music showcasing your strongest playing abilities. (Must be a concert piece - No jazz or pop please)

  3. Sight-Reading

What about Jazz audition requirments? Audition Requirements for Jazz Ensemble are as follows (again, happening in Fall Semster):

  1. 1 Major Scale, 1 Minor Scale, 1 Dorian Scale. (Not sure what a Dorian Scale is? Ask our friend, Google!)

  2. Solo Excerpt (Must be a jazz solo)

  3. Sight-Reading

I heard that I can defer P.E. in 10th grade so I can continue in Band/Orchestra. Is this true? YES! Students going into 10th grade can defer P.E. until 11th or 12th grade so that they can continue in Band/Orchestra. Deferment is only possible if you pass the Physical Fitness Test in 9th grade.

I think I have more questions and/or I'm not sure what to do about my specific situation... Go see Mr. Jiménez ASAP. Stop by to see him or contact him via email to get help: