CMEA 2016

Musician Awards 2016

Congratulations Mr. Jimenez, Miss Tsarnas and College Park Musicians on outstanding performances at 2016 CMEA Festivals
Every year, at our Pops concert we recognize the accomplishments of College Park Musicians.  Click here for a description of the award and list of past recipients.
Jazz Band—Good
Jazz Ensemble—Excellent
Concert Band—Excellent
Symphonic Band—Superior
Wind Ensemble—Superior
String Orchestra—Excellent
Symphony Orchestra—Superior
Chamber Orchestra— Unanimous Superior

Superior rating—the finest conceivable performance for the event and the level of participants being judged worthy of being recognized as among the very best..
Excellent rating—an above average performance of distinct quality that shows sound fundamental training.
Good rating—a performance that shows accomplishments and promise with opportunity for growth.
Fair Rating—a performance that shows marked room for improvement

A Unanimous Superior indicates that the ensemble was rated Superior by the sightreading and all performance adjudicators..

Sheron Nibblett
Ben Macy

Sam Gerber
Jeannie Ur
Jackie Ochoa

OUTSTANDING SENIOR in Chamber Orchestra:
Hayley Kennen
Sabrina Weller
Devan Steele

Earl Meneweather III
Finn Erickson

Maurice "Bud" Howe Memorial:
Ethan Dale

Leonard V. Larson:
Derek Tsao

Quincy Jones:
Jonathan Kaminek

Leonard Bernstein:
David Phair

National School Orchestra:
Emily Ng

Louie Armstrong:
Bryce Ulrich

Woody Herman:
Jacob Cummings

John Philip Sousa:
Brooks Williams

Henry S. Gilmore:
Beverly Kurk

Director's Award:
Josh Deilke

Honor Ensembles

Bravo to the following musicians who participated in National, State and District Honor Ensembles.
National and State Honor Ensembles
Meg Tseng, Flute
High School Performance Series at Carnegie Hall 2015
Brooks Williams, Oboe
All-State Honor Band 2015

Katherine Brown, Viola
All-State Honor Orchestra 2015

Katherine Brown, Viola
All-State Honor Orchestra 2016

Contra Costa Honor Band 2016
Parker Grube, Bari Sax
Aleksi Hieta, Trombone
Bailey Ulrich. Flute
Bryce Ulrich, Alto Sax
Kyle Wright, Clarinet
 Keeley Waite, Bassoon
MDUSD Honor Band 2016
Bailey Ulrich, Flute
Kate Hutchinson, Flute
Seth Dailey, Bassoon
Max Morehead, Clarinet
Kyle Wright, Clarinet
Jonathan Ramos, Clarinet
Derek Tsao, Alto Sax
Bryce Ulrich, Alto Sax
David Phair, Bari Sax
Earl Meneweather III, Trumpet
Derek Sorensen, Bass Trombone
Josh Deilke, Tuba
MDUSD Honor Orchestra 2016
Jason Vega, Violin
Zoe Tcheng, Violin
Angelo Brown, Violin
Terance Kissel, Violin

Lily Tumbale, Viola
Lily Shoshana Mordecai, Viola
Tessa Martin, Cello
Tayler Hall, Bass